Creating a common corporate culture

In 2013, Elenia’s employees focused on stabilising established operations and creating a common corporate culture based on the values determined in collaboration with employees in 2012. Serving as the foundation of Elenia’s ethical and responsible operations, the company values guide daily work and decision-making. Elenia’s values are: being close to the customer, an accountable partner, achieving together and the courage to renew.

The 2013 personnel survey focused on three areas of productive and smoothly running cooperation: competence, working environment and motivation. Elenia’s employees considered the survey to be an important channel of workplace development: the response rate was 93% at Elenia Oy and 88% at Elenia Lämpö Oy.

The feedback was particularly positive on Elenia having clear goals and responsibilities, offering a pleasant work atmosphere, promoting work ability and offering experiences of success and meaningful work.

In the coming years, human resources work at Elenia will increasingly focus on competence development and collaboration beyond sectorial borders through a coaching leadership as well as competence and performance management discussions. In addition, employees will be encouraged to apply for new jobs and participate in development projects within the company.


Distribution business

Key figures20132012
Full-time employees273258
Permanent, %8688
Fixed-term, %1412
Leased staff2719
Average age of personnel3939
Occupational health and safety
Sickness absences, Customer Service, %4,95,7
Sickness absences, other units, %0,91,7
Occupational accidents, number¹01
Employee Turnover
Departure turnover, %4,83,5
Incoming turnover, %5,96,2

Heating business

Full-time employees9090
Permanent, %9898
Fixed-term, %22
Average age of personnel4545
Occupational health and safety
Sickness absences, %3,04,4
Occupational accidents, number¹21
Turnover, %6,78


¹ In addition to actual accidents, the company monitors near misses and safety risks. Monitoring activities cover the company’s own employees as well as its business partners.