Comprehensive development in customer service

Elenia Heat has around 5,000 customer contracts, including some 2,000 contracts with households. The company has approximately 85,000 end users in more than ten locations. Its largest customer segment consists of residential properties, which represent around 40% of the total sales of heat energy. Corporate, municipal and state properties represent around 28% of total sales. In addition to district heating operations, Elenia Heat engages in the local distribution of natural gas in six urban areas, with industrial customers constituting the largest segment.

Elenia Heat achieved a good level of success in attracting new customers in 2013. Many customers decided to choose district heating, which reflects the competitiveness of district heating compared to other options as well as the ability of Elenia Heat to meet customers’ needs. According to the results of a customer satisfaction survey, Elenia Heat made positive progress in 2013 in customer service in many respects, including fault notifications.

Elenia Heat wants to be a local company that is strongly present in people’s everyday lives. In its sponsoring activities, the company focuses on exercise among children and young people as well as the environment, culture and the everyday lives of families. In 2013, the company began collaboration in junior football with JJK in Jyväskylä and HJS in Hämeenlinna. Elenia Heat and Hämeenlinnan Liikuntahallit, the sports hall company of the City of Hämeelinna, signed a significant cooperation agreement that makes Elenia the main partner in the Pulleri sports hall project. Elenia Arena will serve as a unique meeting place, offering experiences in sports and culture.

More interactive and closer to the customer

Operational development at Elenia Heat is based on improving and diversifying customer service. To achieve its goals, the company monitors direct customer feedback as well as the overall development of its sector.

In 2013, Elenia Heat introduced several new services and concepts with the aim of ensuring even better customer service and customer experiences. Its topical meetings for boards of housing companies attracted nearly 200 participants in four locations. Its new stakeholder newsletter diversified the scope of its communication. The newsletter offers customers current information on events and developments in the company and the entire sector. In addition, Elenia Heat collected information on customer experiences through interviews in order to communicate the benefits of district heating even more effectively than before.