Elenia Weatherproof: replacement investments increased strongly

In 2013, Elenia increased its electricity network replacement investments in accordance with its investment plan for 2012–2027 by undergrounding. The company also continued to invest in IT development in support of the implementation and monitoring of the investment plan. The investment plan takes into account the supply reliability requirements of the Electricity Market Act as well as Elenia’s strategic goals, which include:
• Improved supply reliability
• Increased number of weatherproof network customers
• Investment efficiency

Elenia aims to increase the share of underground cables in its electricity network to 70% by 2028. The company will underground 1,600 to 2,200 kilometres of its electricity network annually.

To make supply reliability development more visible to its customers and stakeholders, Elenia introduced the Elenia Weatherproof brand and map on its website. The service enables users to follow the progress of underground electricity network construction in the company’s network area. In addition, the company published a network maintenance map.

Elenia received international certification for the quality of its network and asset management

In 2013, Elenia received the highly valued PAS 55 certification from the British Lloyd’s Register, a company specialising in corporate safety and risk management. PAS 55 certification represents international recognition of the quality of Elenia’s electricity network development, construction, maintenance and use. In Finland, similar certification has previously been awarded to Fingrid, the national grid company. According to Lloyd´s Register Elenia is the first Nordic electricity company distributing electricity directly to households to have received the certification.

PAS 55 requirements will guide the construction, maintenance and repairs of Elenia’s electricity network. This ensures that the company will maintain and upgrade its electricity network in order to respond to its customers’ needs even better than before. In addition, the certification requires that Elenia’s suppliers and service providers commit to responsible operations of a high quality in accordance with its operating methods.