Customer service continued to develop favourably

Elenia has more than 412,000 electricity distribution customers. In addition to 372,000 households, these include 35,000 small and medium-sized businesses and 5,000 large corporations. Around 4,000 new customers joined Elenia’s electricity distribution network in 2013.

The largest customer segment is Residential, representing 85% of all customers and 39% of total transmitted energy. The second largest segment is Agriculture, Services and Construction, constituting 14% of all customers and 30% of total transmitted energy. The smallest segment is Industrial, which represents 1% of all customers but 23% of total energy volumes.

Multichannel services are an important development area

In recent years, Elenia has strongly invested in multichannel customer service and its ability to rapidly respond to customer needs in all service channels. In addition to telephone and online services, the company now offers mobile and chat services to its customers and informs them about current events via social media channels.

Introduced in 2012, the Elenia Mukana mobile application rapidly reached a large group of users: at the end of 2013, more than 13,000 customers had already downloaded the application. The Elenia Mukana service enables customers to monitor their electricity consumption and billing history. In addition, they can check whether electricity is running in their locations and report faults. During 2013, the service was further developed based on customer feedback. It includes a new feature that enables customers to see how their electricity bill total is divided between electricity, transfer and taxes. This information is updated daily.

In 2013, Elenia achieved an excellent level in customer service. In terms of its general response rate, the company reached its goals and even exceeded them in major fault situations.

Even better customer experience

Elenia has also focused on improving the customer experience. The development work is based on monitoring and customer feedback. In 2013, the collection of feedback from customers was further improved and diversified. Customer experiences are monitored after a new contract is signed, in power outage situation and in many cases after the contact with customer. Elenia achieved excellent results in customer experience development in 2012, its first year of operation, and the favourable development continued in 2013.

According to the customer satisfaction survey carried out by Finnish Energy Industries, the customers of Finnish energy companies were very satisfied with the services and operations of their companies. Their level of satisfaction had improved considerably from 2012.