High-quality electricity distribution and customer-focused service

Elenia Oy, the parent company of the Elenia Group, is an independent electricity network company. It provides electricity for a total of 412,000 household, corporate and community customers in Häme, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland, Southern and Northern Ostrobothnia regions. Elenia is responsible for the operation and renewal of its electricity network, the measurement of customers’ electricity consumption and the delivery of energy information to companies selling electricity.

Among the roughly 80 providers of electricity distribution companies in Finland, Elenia is the second largest. Its area of operation mainly consists of rural areas, but also includes towns of various sizes.

In 2013, Elenia Oy´s revenue was EUR 221.9 million. The company had 274 employees at the end of the year.

Development of reliable electricity distribution

The increasing use of information technology makes societies more vulnerable to power outages. In recent years, heavy storms have posed challenges to electricity supply reliability in Finland. The need to further renovate the electricity network is growing. Most of the network was built in the 1960s and 1970s.The revised Electricity Market Act took effect in the autumn of 2013. For the first time, the Act includes an obligation for electricity distribution companies to improve supply reliability. The Act also includes financial incentives and sanctions on this development work.

A forerunner in supply reliability, Elenia has only built weatherproof underground networks since 2009. In line with its long-term investment plan, Elenia invested more than EUR 80 million in the renewal and development of electricity networks in 2013. The investment plan for 2014 is approximately EUR 100 million.

To show its commitment to improving supply reliability, Elenia pays additional compensation for power outages of more than six hours, in addition to statutory compensation.

A leader in smart electricity networks

Another important development goal has been to combine information systems and electricity networks to create Smart Grid, a smart electricity network providing and using real-time information. In this respect, Elenia is a forerunner, both nationally and internationally.

Its customers have online access to information on their electricity consumption, and their bills are based on actual consumption. In power outages, Elenia’s electricity network automatically determines fault locations and automatically directs electricity distribution to the unaffected parts of the network. Customers receive real-time information via text messages, email, an online map service and telephone.

In 2012, Elenia introduced the unique Elenia Mukana application for smartphones and tablets. The application enables customers to monitor their electricity consumption information. In addition, they can check whether electricity is running in their locations and submit fault reports with images and location information.In 2013, the Elenia Mukana service was expanded to include a new feature that enables customers to see how their electricity bill total is divided between electricity, distribution and taxes. This information is updated daily.

Development work at Elenia is guided by a strong customer focus, innovation and bold renewal.